VIP Package

Like every year we will have a VIP Lounge:

If you spend shitloads of money you will get a sherpa and a personal butler and some monkeys that will do your dishes.

Like, real freaking monkeys! They might even feed you grapes every once in a while.

Further you will live in an air-conditioned and cosy bedroom with a wonderful and really expensive Nachttischlämpli.

And you will get an octopus that will carry you wherever you want to go.

On your explorations you will be supported by a talking robot and a llama dressed in camouflage.

Ice cold Cava will be served to you from a gigantic bottle (20m high) by two big Yetis whenever you want.

And last but not least: James Last will play a concert together with his orchestra only for you and your friends in a secret valley close to the site.

'Cause we never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down!


"It was well worth the huge amount of money I spent for this crap - I never felt so sparkly before"

-Anonymous VIP Package Booker, 2016


"Wow. This was the best Nowhere experience I ever had"

-Elon Musk, 2017


"Just plug and then play. It cannot be easier. Soooo geil!"

-Chlüppliheiri, 2018


If you are interested please contact the Cämplimeister.