> Camp for Nowhere 2020 is FULL! <


The Nowhere 2020 Camp Sign Up is over.

If you have been in contact with us already we will let you know as soon as possible if you made it in.


This years name is: ..........................................

This website will be updated as soon as we have more information about our 2020 concept.

There will be some changes .

There will be DORM.

There will be 42.

One dot each.


But until the new site is avaliable feel free to read the 2019 version.


Thanks for all the fish!

k = x³ + y³ + z³


Photo by Schplomi / Cat by Jonas

What is it?

Our Barrio at Nowhere 2019:


Chuchichäschtli, Fuschtlifaffli, Fluffyfäschtli.
This time our IBAN is our name. Swiss style.
This is your favourite living room.
Humble and extravangant.
Expect boring suprises. Or maybe not.
Gwäh, Gwäh!


キッチンボックス  -  ベッド・ランプ

photo by Anja


Please take your time to read the information provided here carefully before signing up for the camp!


Websites for dummies:

If you are on a smartphone you have some lines in the top left which is the menu. If you are on a computer you see the menu below "Fuschtlifaffli". Don't try to login/klick on stuff in the black box below.


Bitte nimm dir die Zeit um alles genau durchzulesen bevor du dich fürs Camp einschreibst!


Websites für Dummies:

Wenn du dies mit einem Smartphone anschaust, hast du oben links einige Linien. Dies ist das Menü. Wenn du am Computer bist, siehst du das Menü unter "Fuschtlifaffli". Versuche nicht auf Sachen zu klicken/anzumelden welche sich in der schwarzen Box unten befinden.

photo by Sean Toole